The DGme was founded in 1939 as a family business called J.L. Turner and Son in Scottsville, Kentucky, by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner. There are 17,166 Dollar General stores across all states in the U.S. except Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.


Dollar General Corporation has its headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and operates a chain of retail stores that sells smaller items. The store has more than 55,000 products organized into eight departments: baby, beauty supplies & cosmetics, grocery & household consumables, hardware & automotive, health & personal care needs, clothing, aisle fillers (such as detergents), and seasonal merchandise.

After the business was passed down to the next generation to Cal Turner Jr., David Perdue then took over as the CEO. The Dollar General Market opened in the same year that the retail store entered the grocery market. Following David Bere’s appointment as interim CEO, multiple investors purchased company shares for $6.9 billion.

Dollar General is one of many U.S. companies that provide safe and secure access to employee services to its employees. The Dollar General Employee Login Portal is also available to employees from any location provided they have registered.


With the help of an online portal, DGme employees can manage and access their accounts at the company easily. With this account, they can take advantage of their employee benefits, file tax payments, and so much more. Dollar General’s success can be attributed to its convenient shopping system, low prices, and strategic location.

Through their service-oriented business structure, they retained existing customers and attracted new ones. Dollar General’s success is also attributed to its work setup, which is designed to boost productivity. Dollar General employees are provided with the DGme portal as one of their many benefits. Dollar General knows the importance of happy employees to the success of the company.